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The Drifter by ludwigrulez The Drifter :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 3 0 MORE Aristo by ludwigrulez MORE Aristo :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 3 0 Aristo Otsira by ludwigrulez Aristo Otsira :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 2 0 Dreamy...! by ludwigrulez Dreamy...! :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 6 3 I see you out there! by ludwigrulez I see you out there! :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 4 6 Eridan Ampora by ludwigrulez Eridan Ampora :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 3 0 Feferi Peixes by ludwigrulez Feferi Peixes :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 4 0 Bunny by ludwigrulez Bunny :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 3 0 Dream Team Cast according to my MOM by ludwigrulez Dream Team Cast according to my MOM :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 2 1 Prince Dreambert Plush by ludwigrulez Prince Dreambert Plush :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 7 0 Amberpaw Halloween Costume Part 2 by ludwigrulez Amberpaw Halloween Costume Part 2 :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 2 0 Amberpaw's Halloween Costume! Part 1 by ludwigrulez Amberpaw's Halloween Costume! Part 1 :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 2 0 Dimentio by ludwigrulez Dimentio :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 11 5 Now Let's Go to Mushrise Park! by ludwigrulez Now Let's Go to Mushrise Park! :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 4 10
Dreambert's Burger
What sat in Dreambert's hands was a sandwich. But it wasn't like any sandwiches they made in Dreambert's time. It was greasy and had many toppings, and basically spelled "unhealthy" in capitol letters. He eyed Starlow with a look that asked if she were crazy. Starlow flew closer. "Go on. It may look bad right now since you've never seen it before, but it's really good! Try it!" Dreambert shifted. "Alright, but don't stare at me like that. It makes me uncomfortable." He complained.
When the crew's backs were turned is when Dreambert chomped down on the burger, and flavor bursted into his mouth. It was like nothing he'd ever tasted before, meaty and sweet at the same time, and he bit down faster and faster, until he nipped his fingers. Yelping quietly, he paused, making sure everyone's backs were turned still, then licked his fingers. It was an embarrassing and unprincely thing to lick one's fingers, but Dreambert couldn't help it that one time. That chemically enhanced sandwich was dele
:iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 2 22
The Fire in Their Eyes by ludwigrulez The Fire in Their Eyes :iconludwigrulez:ludwigrulez 7 9
MAH GALLERY. some ROCK :icondragonmusicplz: and some FAIL :iconcannotevenplz:
enjoy! ^^


Sushi by ScreeKeeDee Sushi :iconscreekeedee:ScreeKeeDee 27 6 Cacktasmaaa by ScreeKeeDee Cacktasmaaa :iconscreekeedee:ScreeKeeDee 57 8 luddieeeess by inkbIot luddieeeess :iconinkbiot:inkbIot 7 98 MORE luddies by inkbIot MORE luddies :iconinkbiot:inkbIot 13 24 wow so royal wow wow by inkbIot wow so royal wow wow :iconinkbiot:inkbIot 20 39 Origami Dragon - Instructions by DonyaQuick Origami Dragon - Instructions :icondonyaquick:DonyaQuick 1,142 59 Count Bleck by ScreeKeeDee Count Bleck :iconscreekeedee:ScreeKeeDee 74 12 -Cacktasma- by ScreeKeeDee -Cacktasma- :iconscreekeedee:ScreeKeeDee 20 14
Darkest Vishes
When the sun goes down and the sky turns dark blue
Its time when my vishes finally comes true
At first no one knows vho I am?
Vell, Once I vas a normal purple bat from Pi'illo Island
Then somehow I fed of sveets of nightmares
Thanks of nightmares: I become bigger my claws, my body and my wonderful vings
In the pass of time I become a powerful king
There is one thing to do
I only vanted is having the Dark Stone
Those idiots of Pi'illos they imprison me in Dream Land
At my last act... I destroy the Dark Stone
Making those Pi'illos turned into a stone one by one
Now I'm here... In my dark prison
My only company is deepest of darkness
It's driving me into madness
Yesterday: I'm bat... Today: I'm king... Now: I'm prisoner ... And Tomorrow?
Nothing more
No one can hear my pain or my sorrow...
But don't worry, my dear friends: I vill be free any soon...
And I vill have Dream Stone on my claws
I vill have the whole vorld in the palm of my paw
I'll be the scarest nightmare that the vorld has ne
:iconangel-of-light91:Angel-of-Light91 13 17
Hetalia GIF: Bath Time Routine by DaGlaceonGal Hetalia GIF: Bath Time Routine :icondaglaceongal:DaGlaceonGal 619 653 [CM] Virmir by thanshuhai [CM] Virmir :iconthanshuhai:thanshuhai 2,916 126 Pi'illo Prince by ScreeKeeDee Pi'illo Prince :iconscreekeedee:ScreeKeeDee 27 3 [CM] Unite by thanshuhai [CM] Unite :iconthanshuhai:thanshuhai 859 74 Super Scary Mario Holiday Spooktacular Or Whatever by Mariobro64 Super Scary Mario Holiday Spooktacular Or Whatever :iconmariobro64:Mariobro64 169 40


Alright, I'm not sure if I've done a crit before, but, here goes... Alright, first thing I thought was this: Cool, "A Mario animation. ...

To anyone who still checks in on this acc and new people: I have moved to :iconlivelovefandom:! This acc will stay open because of the memories, however. I just won't go on it anymore. See ya!


I really really really need to update like


excuse me while I clean this piece of crap up and maybe submit a few things all while getting second hand embarrassment from this shipwreck
  • Listening to: Mystery Skulls Ghosts
  • Reading: Maze Runer
  • Watching: ???? what
  • Playing: uuuh
  • Eating: ????????
  • Drinking: ?????????


ludwigrulez has started a donation pool!
45 / 1,000

ludwigrulez here, and I'm accepting Commories, as I'm calling them, or Story Commissions.

I'm only doing Commories for the moment, but, depending on my mood, you have a 50% chance of getting me to agree to a drawing Commish! :iconchuplz: (lolitdependsonhowmuchyoureofferinglike30pointsandhigheriguessillaccept)

.: Prices Are Listed Below :.

For 5:points: you will get a... .Short story. (5 Para.)

For 10:points: you will get a... ~Medium story~ (6-10 Para.)

For 15:points: you will get a... =Large story= (10-18 Para.)

For 20:points:+ you will get a... +Delux package+ (20 Para.+PLEASE allow time for these!)

^--- This pack price depends on how many paragraphs you want it to be.

You will get a 5 character limit with each story, extras are 1:points: each!

Please give me the plot for your Commory in a note or something, I'm not very good at surprises. X(



, please! I'll do anything, whether it be a fanfic for your couple, anything. As long as I know of the orgin.

School's is OFF :D so patience is not very necessary!

I would love to get premeium so please donate!

Drawing prices:

5:iconpointsplz: = hand sketch
15:iconpointsplz: = pic with no coloring
20-30:iconpointsplz: = (digital) color pic
50-100:iconpointsplz: = (digital)color pic with 1 OC's
100-200:iconpointsplz: = (digital)1 llama,color pic with 2 OC's
100-300:iconpointsplz: = (digital)2 llama, color pic with three OC's
:iconpointsplz:400 and up = (digital) 3 llama, color pic with any number below 6 OC's

You must be logged in to donate.


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United States
You are Ludwig!
You are Ludwig!
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Ludwig is smart, and always knows when to stop doing something wrong, yet has a bit of a temper. He is an artist and a musician, and can always help his friends. Well, almost always...

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What's Your Personality Quirk?
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No matter how many times I took that test, it gave me this same result... :icondummydanceplz:
My birthday badge
HEYO! im Amber, an' I love Mario things, Minecraft, and Skylanders. (they ROCK!) My OC is Amberpaw and she is a cat. If you want to use her, please ask moi first and give me credit. Okay, now that thats over, let me explain what I like and dont like, what I expect on my page, and so on. (and on and on and on!) My specific Mario charecters I like are the baddies. I love the Koopalings, my fave is Ludwig Von Koopa. The others are okay, so here is my list in order: Ludwig,Larry,Lemmy,Iggy,Morton,Roy, and Wendy.(Lemmy and Larry may jump around the list at times...) I dont mind the heros, but I dont actually LIKE them, ethor. Minecraft is another thing I do. I have bought it at http//, and, if you're interested, there is a free version. My account name there is llo1664Reoll. People there call me Reoll. Here, you can call me Amb, Ambee, Amberpaw, and of course, ludwigrulez. :dummy: There are 2 choices: be my friend, or be my enemy. If you are my friend, I would enjoy that. If you choose to be my enemy, I will not bother you so please dont bother me. :meow: I also like reading, insects, playing my 3DS, and of course, drawing. If you are allergic to cuteness, then dont look, smell, or think about Amberpaw. XD Have the best of times here, and enjoy. ^^

:iconblue-mplz::iconblue-yplz: :iconblue-nplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-mplz::iconblue-eplz: :iconblue-iplz::iconblue-splz:


:iconblue-oplz::iconblue-cplz: :iconblue-iplz::iconblue-splz:



me (lolihardlygetonsodontevenbotherwiththatimalwaysonhere)
I am llo1664Reoll (like that!) on Minecraft!

...Fandoms (not in any order):


Wish there were Koopaling button. :iconlazycryplz:

My wonderful DA family:

:iconscreekeedee: My awesomesauce sister. :heart:
:iconalphashardsilly: My resident otaku :iconotakuplz:
:icontianakoopa1: My shy other sista! :iconblushplz:
:iconxxtime-freezerxx: MAH THIRD PSCHO PATH SISTA WHO CAN CHANGE INTO DRAGON!:evillaugh:
:iconartasticgirl: MAH FOURTH CRAZY SIS BUT IZA WIZARD AND ADDICTED TAH CHOCOLATE!!! :empllama::evillaugh::emplllama:
:iconalburning90: My rat terrior! :icontrollface:
:icondaisygal101299: ANOTHER onea mah sistaz. ^^
:iconcoolman556: my pet leopard. :iconcatplz:
:iconphillipzu: my little bro Lemmy. :iconlemmykoopaplz:
:iconcinzamon: My cat that bakes cakes filled with magical rainbows who has an obsession with bacon. :iconbaconplz: :cake: :icondoaninternetplz:
:iconloyalheartdog: My yoshi lovin' sis! :iconchuplz:
:icontanookigirl: Mah Koopatastic sister who can turn into a pony and cat! :iconceilingcatplz::iconrainbowdashplz:
Give a llama, get a watch. There's no complaining, that's just the way life is. :dummy: So deal with it. :icondealwithityoshiplz:

I'd like to give a small shoutout to mah buddy :iconscreekeedee:, my first friend and watcher. She inspired me to become a deviantartist. Her wondeful art drove me to oblivian, so please, take the time in your life to just go to her page and give a hello bellow.:)


Current Residence: North America. :3
deviantWEAR sizing preference: uh....
Favourite genre of music: I like them ALL. :v
Operating System: Kindle Fire HD
Shell of choice: Ludwig Blue shell. >:3
Favourite cartoon videogame character: Ludwig, and The Prince from Katamari! :o
Personal Quote: "An art style cannot be stolen, unless you steal the artist themselves."


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This is my Squiby Amberpaw-Please check her out! :iconchuplz:

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Some cool dragon I adopted. O.O

Click Me!

SKF's Squiby amnimal. :P

...mein gott you read all the way to here you are a brave person indeed. :iconclapplz: Here's an internet :iconfreeinternetplz:



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